Have you been adopted?
Are your considering searching for your biological parents?
Does your adopted child wish to meet his own – biological – mother? (or father?)


IntroductionWe provide help and support for adopted persons who are searching for their biological family in the following ways:

  • Assistance with the search process

  • Emotional and practical support
    at the point of contact with their biological parents

  • Counselling for adoptive parents and for adults who have been adopted


Many adopted children and adults ask questions
such as these:

„Who are my bological parents?“,

„What do they look like?“,

„Why did they leave me?“,

„Do I look like either of them?“,

„What other characteristics and possible medical conditions
have I inherited from my biological parents?“.


Understandably such persons have concerns about what they might discover about their biological parents and the circumstances of their adoption. Also they may be worried about how the search might influence their relationship with their adoptive parents.

Professional assistance with the process of searching for relatives and being with them at the first meeting can reduce the anxiety and fear of both the parents and the adopted children.


The possibility of meeting their own biological mother, father or other relatives helps the children to understand to who they really are, where are they actually from and so on.

The majority of adopted children who have the opportunity to meet their biological relatives experience the relief of filling the empty pages in their lives. They have the answers they always wanted and they can now move on.

These new relationships can become very important for them, adding a new dimension to their future, or, it may be that the experience of meeting their family proves to be something that they find they need to do just once, after which both sides mutually decide to go their own way.


The right to know our biological parents is a basic human right.

(The Convention on the Rights of the Child, articles 7 and 8, 1989)


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